What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is a cancer treatment in which high-energy, ionising radiation waves are used to disrupt the growth of and destroy cancer cells. This treatment would be recommended by your oncologist for well-contained cancers which have not yet spread or metastasised, or in conjunction with other treatments for cancers which have spread. Radiotherapy may be used in isolation, or in combination with other cancer treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy to enhance its effectiveness. It is also used in incurable cancer to control localised cancer complications such as pain, bleeding and obstruction.

How does radiotherapy work?

Your oncologist will evaluate the type and stage of your cancer before deciding on the best-suited type and regimen of radiation for your treatment. It works by targeting a specific area each time over a course of a few weeks and to ensure the beam is focused in the correct place each time, a small ink mark is made on the skin Dr Ford offers all advanced methods of radiotherapy.

What can be done about the side effects?

While radiotherapy is meant to target cancer cells, nearby healthy cells are often damaged in the process and may cause patients to experience side effects. Your experience of the side effects will depend on your overall health, the type of radiation and its dosage. Fatigue, blisters or itching of the skin, nausea, vomiting and tissue inflammation are expected side effects, however, they can be reduced and treated with the help of Dr Ford’s team to make you more comfortable.