With her diligence and compassion, Dr Pelisa Ford takes care in formulating a holistic care treatment plan with particular attention to all aspects of the spiritual, psychological, social, physical well-being, for each patient under her care.




Patients diagnosed with cancer are treated by the experienced oncologist, Dr Pelisa Ford, based at Life Mercantile Hospital, Port Elizabeth. Because of her in-depth palliative care training, skill set and experience, palliative radiotherapy is a unique additional focus area in her practice. She provides compassionate clinical support with a holistic approach to cancer in which she aids in making individuals with cancer as comfortable and pain-free as possible from diagnosis. With the help of her oncology team, her treatment plans aim to enhance the quality of each patients’ life so that they may continue to live productive and meaningful lives.



Dr Ford provides a multi-disciplinary medical team of surgical, radiology, pathology and oncology experts to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan. She works closely with a supportive clinical team of dietitians, social worker and access to a range of other allied health care professionals in order for holistic and palliative care to be realized. With a holistic approach, Dr Pelisa Ford takes time to conduct an in-depth analysis of your cancer, after which she will be able to discuss expectations and decide on a treatment plan with you to meet your goals and ensure you live a life worth living.